Since 2012, we have been active in the travel insurance market, being among the first to offer a ready-made online product for independent travelers. From the beginning, we have prioritized quality, choosing not to sacrifice it for lower prices, always placing it foremost.

About the Product

You can purchase an insurance policy even while traveling. The citizenship or residence status of the client does not matter to us.
Our insurance is exclusive (in terms of risk coverage and limits) and can only be purchased on our website or through our apps. We do not work with aggregators.

Fun Facts

March 20, 2012
The first policy was sold via a website
The most expensive insurance in our services history costs 7500 USD, while the cheapest was 1 USD
of our clients have purchased a policy from us two or more times
265 countries
One of our clients, a very active and well-known traveler, has visited 265 countries