How to buy (Soon)

To buy our token, you can use Pancake Swap and buy the desired amount using the token contract address. Tripin BSC contract address: 0xbbF424E626564bf034A250d32C8Db8a863F5Ba81

With Trust Wallet

To do this, we copy the specified address through the Contracts option. Then we enter the PancakeSwap exchange and after connecting our wallet, which contains the BNB token to buy Tripin currency, from the Select a currency section, we paste the copied smart contract to add the Tripin token to the list.[Direct Buy from PancakeSwap]

With PooCoin

To do this, go to the Poocoin site and use the Tripin contratct address to find the desired token in the search field, and click the trade option at the top of the chart, and after connecting to your wallet with your BNB balance, proceed to the Tripin purchase.[Direct Buy from PooCoin]

other options


What is Tripin(TRIP)

About The Tripin

Travel around the world with Tripin, but this trip will be in the Metaverse world, where you can easily visit the world's sights and walk the streets of distant cities. Just travel with us and earn while traveling!

The project will focus on Trip with the Metaverse roadmap and NFTs on the Travel around the world.



  • Presale - 35%
  • Liquidity - 20%
  • Burnt - 5%
  • Tripin Team - 5%
  • Marketing - 5%
  • Utility - 25%
  • Cex Reserve - 5%
Why Tripin

Competitive Benefit

Competitive Advantage This token not only identifies you as a second-party project investor, but also intelligently splits two percent of each transaction into one of holders.

Safe & Secure
NFT Marketplace
Income Generating
Liquidity Locked
Charity Plans
Metaverse Trip
Road Map

Tripin Timeline

We believe that with the activities of our strong team and you, our dear supporters, we will go through the following road map well and even advance!

Audit, KYC & SAFU

A Crypto audit can be summarized as an assessment of whether the recorded transactions within a blockchain ledger are verifiably complete and correct based upon the available evidence of the transactions recorded in the ledger.

KYC means "know your customer." It refers to a financial institution's obligation to carry out certain identity and background checks on its clients before allowing them to use its product or platform. It is part of a broader set of measures that regulators around the world use to fight money laundering.


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A white paper is an authoritative report or guide that informs readers concisely about a complex issue and presents the issuing body's philosophy on the matter. It is meant to help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision.

Tripin(TRIP) is not a sheet coin or a token for a joke, read the white paper carefully and join us!

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